About the Program

The Philosophy Department offers a philosophy program with an honors curriculum. Departmental honors are for students who are performing exceptionally well in their courses. The honors designation is an adjunct to the B.A. degree with an added emphasis on independent work and requires that students conduct a comprehensive original research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

About the Philosophy Department

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Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-5136
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Admission Requirements

Admission into the Honors Program is by application, available in the department office. If you are interested, contact the department chair no later than your junior year.

Minimum requirements for acceptance

  • Minimum 75 completed credit hours
  • Completion of 21 credits in philosophy, with a minimum of 15 credits from Buffalo State. Transferred courses will be considered for credit toward a student's philosophy requirements, but the grades from these courses will not be used in computing the cumulative average
  • 3.25 overall GPA;
  • 3.50 major GPA;
  • agreement of a faculty member in the department to serve as a mentor for both PHI 499, Honors I, and PHI 499, Honors II.   

Note: Student admission to the program is not guaranteed and is dependent on, and limited by, the availability of faculty expertise in the selected area of study. 

Program Requirements

3, 0/3

Prerequisites: 75 credit hours, 21 credit hours in PHI, permission of instructor.
Honors philosophy students initiate research that is formally presented in thesis form. Students will typically be required to present formal research proposals (oral and written) to mentors and honors thesis committee. Extensive research is typically required for students in the departmental honors program.

3, 0/3

Prerequisites: PHI 499, Honors I, with a minimum grade of B+, permission of instructor.
Honors philosophy students conduct research proposed in PHI 499, Honors I, and submit a formal thesis in written form. Oral defense of work before faculty mentor, thesis committee, and interested faculty members is required.

Total required credit hours in Philosophy for B.A. Honors Degree: 33

Graduation Requirements

The designation Philosophy Honors will only be awarded if the following requirements are met prior to graduation:

  • successful completion of all departmental requirements
  • successful completion of PHI 499, Honors I, and PHI 499, Honors II, (completed in consecutive semesters), including an oral defense of a thesis
  • maintenance of a 3.25 overall GPA
  • maintenance of a 3.50 major GPA

PHI 499, Honors I, may be used as a philosophy elective course and PHI 499, Honors II, is an additional required course. 

Students will be designated as follows, according to their GPA:

  • summa cum laude (3.8 to 4.0)
  • magna cum laude (3.65 to 3.79)
  • cum laude (3.5 to 3.64)